Hello, I'm Victoria. I was born in Mexico, but currently living in the U.S. I like to keep my hands busy, especially with crochet and sewing.
I love everything kawaii (cute), and especially love making it. It's adorable and something that many other enjoy, too :) I will do anything I can to satisfy my customers who are so kind as to support artisans like myself. Don't be afraid to take a look around my shop, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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OmNomLindos- Adorable has just taken over!

Welcome to our Om Nom Lindos world, where adorable has just taken over! We specialize in crochet cuties, especially Lindos, which are small adorable bears that are too sweet to eat.

Custom orders are accepted- contact me for more information.

I hope your tour around Om Nom Lindos was splendid, and you bought something you or others will really love!

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